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    Sceptre KP1MW1
  Sceptre KP3MWX
  Sceptre KP7M41
  Sceptre SC0001
  Sceptre SC0021
  Sceptre SC394XA
  Sceptre SC394XM
  Sceptre SC3PMA
  Sceptre SC3PMM
  Sceptre SC7M41
  Sceptre SCSKTA
  Sceptre Slim Soundx PC 466c
  Sceptre Slim Soundx PC 500
  Sceptre Slim Soundx PC 500c
  Sceptre Slim Soundx PC 600
  Sceptre Slim Soundx PC 600c
  Sceptre Slim Soundx PC 650
  Sceptre Slim Soundx PC 700
  Sceptre Slim Soundx PC 750
  Sceptre Soundx 3920
  Sceptre Soundx 4200
  Sceptre Soundx 4500
  Sceptre Soundx 5500
  Sceptre Soundx N51N2 K6-2+/375
  Sceptre Soundx N51N2 K6-2+/420
  Sceptre Soundx N51N2 K6-2+/475
  Sceptre Soundx S5200 K6-2/350
  Sceptre Soundx S5200 K6-2/380
  Sceptre Soundx S5200 K6-2/400
  Sceptre Soundx S5200 K6-2/433
  Sceptre Soundx S5200 K6-2/450
  Sceptre Soundx S5200 K6-III/380
  Sceptre Soundx S5200 K6-III/400
  Sceptre Soundx S5200 K6-III/433
  Sceptre Soundx S5200 K6-III/450
  Sceptre Soundx S5200 K6-III/475
  Sceptre Soundx S5300 450
  Sceptre Soundx S5300 500
  Sceptre Soundx S5300 566c
  Sceptre Soundx S5300 600
  Sceptre Soundx S5300 600c
  Sceptre Soundx S5300 650
  Sceptre Soundx S5300 700
  Sceptre Soundx S5300 700c
  Sceptre Soundx S5300 750
  Sceptre Soundx S5300 Celeron
  Sceptre Soundx S5300 PIII
  Sceptre Soundx S5400 450
  Sceptre Soundx S5400 500
  Sceptre Soundx S5400 566c
  Sceptre Soundx S5400 600
  Sceptre Soundx S5400 600c
  Sceptre Soundx S5400 650
  Sceptre Soundx S5400 700
  Sceptre Soundx S5400 700c
  Sceptre Soundx S5400 750
  Sceptre Soundx S5400 Celeron
  Sceptre Soundx S5400 PIII
  Sceptre Soundx S6500 300c
  Sceptre Soundx S6500 PII/300
  Sceptre Soundx S6500 PII/333
  Sceptre Soundx S6500 PII/366
  Sceptre Soundx S6500 PII/400
  Sceptre Soundx S6580 300c
  Sceptre Soundx S6580 PII/300
  Sceptre Soundx S6580 PII/333
  Sceptre Soundx S6580 PII/366
  Sceptre Soundx S6600 366c
  Sceptre Soundx S6600 400c
  Sceptre Soundx S6600 450
  Sceptre Soundx S6600 600
  Sceptre Soundx S6600 600/15
  Sceptre Soundx S6600 650
  Sceptre Soundx S6600 650/15
  Sceptre Soundx S6600 700
  Sceptre Soundx S6600 700/15
  Sceptre Soundx S6600 PII/366
  Sceptre Soundx S6600 PII/400
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 366c
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 400c
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 450
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 500
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 600
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 650
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 700
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 750
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 C366
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 C400
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 P450
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 P850
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 PII/366
  Sceptre Soundx S66002 PII/400
  Sceptre Soundx S6800 300c
  Sceptre Soundx S6800 PII/300
  Sceptre Soundx S6800 PII/333
  Sceptre Soundx S6800 PII/366
  Sceptre Soundx S6800 PII/400
  Sceptre Soundx S6900 366c
  Sceptre Soundx S6900 400c
  Sceptre Soundx S6900 450
  Sceptre Soundx S6900 PII/366
  Sceptre Soundx S6900 PII/400
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 366c
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 400c
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 450
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 500
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 600
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 650
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 700
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 750
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 C366
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 C400
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 P450
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 P850
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 PII/366
  Sceptre Soundx S69002 PII/400
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 366c
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 400c
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 450
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 500
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 600
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 650
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 700
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 750
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 C366
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 C600
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 P1.0G
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 P450
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 PII/366
  Sceptre Soundx S69502 PII/400
  Sceptre Soundx S69503 C366
  Sceptre Soundx S69503 C750
  Sceptre Soundx S69503 P1.0G
  Sceptre Soundx S69503 P450
  Sceptre Soundx S7200 450
  Sceptre Soundx S7200 450c
  Sceptre Soundx S7200 500
  Sceptre Soundx S7200 500c
  Sceptre Soundx S7200 600
  Sceptre Soundx S7200 650
  Sceptre Soundx S7200 700
  Sceptre Soundx S7200 750
  Sceptre Soundx S7300 450
  Sceptre Soundx S7300 450c
  Sceptre Soundx S7300 500
  Sceptre Soundx S7300 500c
  Sceptre Soundx S7300 600
  Sceptre Soundx S7300 650
  Sceptre Soundx S7300 700
  Sceptre Soundx S7300 750
  Sceptre Soundx S7300 C450
  Sceptre Soundx S7300 C500
  Sceptre Soundx S7300 P450
  Sceptre Soundx S7300 P850
  Sceptre Soundx S7500+ PII/233
  Sceptre Soundx S7500+ PII/266
  Sceptre Soundx S7500+ PII/300
  Sceptre Soundx S8400 C800
  Sceptre Soundx S8400 P1.0G
  Sceptre Soundx S8400 P800
  Sceptre Soundx S8500 C800
  Sceptre Soundx S8500 P1.0G
  Sceptre Soundx S8500 P800
  Sceptre Soundx S9400 P1.0G
  Sceptre Soundx S9400 P1.2G
  Sceptre Soundx S9450 P1.0G
  Sceptre Soundx S9450 P1.2G
  Sceptre X Pad 1000

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